Tuesday, July 3, 2012

DJs vs. Bands! An Atlanta DJ biggest problem.

Sometimes DJs have problems with bands while they DJ.  Sometimes they might feel that a band hogs the spotlight. However, having a band isn't so bad.  The wedding couple will ask you to play between sets and at the end of the recepton.  The easiest way to out shine a band between DJ sets is to play the topnotch songs when it is your turn. Sometime it will be suggested to a DJ not to play your best music or sets until the end of the reception.  Usually around that time everyone would have left. When you play the head bangers between sets with a band, that will make the crowd stay around longer looking forward to your next set.  Then when the people get tired of the band, you close it out with even more jams.  It is easy because since you have 1 hour left, you could only play hit music for your final set.  Therefore, I don't mind having a band. less work, more jams, and more tip money at the end because  you done a great job. http://www.atlantadj.us/     My Google+ Profile